(Hippophae rhamnoides L.)

Sea-buckthorn berries are like freckles – all summer, they slowly collect their golden colour and the best of what nature has to offer. These berries contain almost the complete range of vitamins, provitamins, minerals and biologically active substances. So sea-buckthorn juice can truly be called a multivitamin – a few spoonfuls of juice provide us with all the necessary daily vitamins. Sea-buckthorn is the best fruit for strengthening the immune system. Athletes use the juice of these berries as legal doping, since the malic acid in combination with other physiologically active substances releases muscle energy rapidly. Sea-buckthorn is gold that belongs to all of us, and we become richer every autumn!

  • The sea-buckthorn is the third most valuable source of vitamin E in the plant world.
  • Sea-buckthorn oil was used to treat burns from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
  • Russian cosmonauts use sea-buckthorn oil to heal radiation burns received when returning to the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Sea-buckthorn juice was the official drink of the Beijing Olympic Games.
  • The positive effect of sea-buckthorn juice was even mentioned in the ancient manuscripts of Tibetan monks
  • 100g of the berries contain nearly a 10-day dose of vitamin C and a 5-6 day dose of carotene.