White cabbage

It is a large, tight head with thick, smooth leaves. The colour of the cabbage can range from ivory white to yellowy green. White cabbage is held in high esteem as it is used in a multitude of dishes.

” White cabbage are a Good source of vitamin C and folate and potassium
” Cabbage is filled with antioxidant power. This enables our systems to fight free radicals and clear up toxins, including potential carcinogens.
” The fiber in cabbage keeps your blood sugar levels from fluctuating and also regularizes bowel movements. Cabbage is anti – inflammatory vegetable
” Eating cabbage may also reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke and cancer, specifically colon cancer.
” It speeds healing of ulcers and improves digestive health.
” Raw cabbage cleans the waste from the stomach and upper bowels which improves digestion and reduces constipation.

  • Raspberries were grown by the ancient Greeks, for whom they symbolized love. In his treatise “On Farming”, Roman statesman of the III century B.C., Cato the Elder, stated that raspberries were used as food even in the age of Troy.
  • Raspberries are considered one of the oldest garden berry crops. Europeans began to cultivate them in the XVI-XVII centuries.
  • According to legend, raspberries were originally white. Then the nymph Ida pricked her finger while picking berries for little Jupiter, and since then the berries blush red like the nymph’s blood.