About us

Alternative treatment cured Walter’s cancer, which clearly emphasizes the priceless value of good health through nutrition! Since this convinced him of the outstanding benefits of hemp, he tried to import it from Canada in the form of vegetarian hemp capsules.
However, the import duties were very high, which prompted him to look for a different solution.

He met Joric by chance in his restaurant Fogos in Antwerp; Joric is a Belgian chef who lives in Latvia and was familiar with the delicious, healthy natural products from the Baltic States.
Using those fantastic flavours and quality, he was already creating dishes that had thrilled and impressed many people and so he agreed to further develop all this together with Walter.
The search for these awesome products had begun!

Organic products from the Baltic States
Barely two weeks later, the two men embarked on their tour of the Baltic States, looking for organically grown berries and hemp that only grows in this region. They even foraged across the Russian border. Their undertaking proved successful; Walter and Joric started importing berries and hemp products from the Baltic States and JanisFarm was born! This was the beginning of the idea to provide people with tasty and healthy quality products.

Meanwhile, the product range was expanded and today our organically grown berries, hemp and other products are already used in different segments; from retail to wholesale and they appear on the menus of various top restaurants!

On the menu of star chefs
JanisFarm had the honour to have Vicky Geunes of restaurant ’t Zilte in Belgium to work with our products as the first Michelin Star Chef!
His professional opinion? “Top products with unequalled flavour for a fair price!”
The organically grown products from JanisFarm appear, perhaps revamped, on the gorgeous plates of various top restaurants such as Hof Van Cleve, The Jane, Nuance, Het gebaar, etc.

We aim to make everybody aware of the fact that these organic products surpass everything in terms of wholesomeness, taste and quality!

We do this by offering tasteful quality products at highly competitive prices!

In the meantime the product range was further expanded and today our organically grown berries, hemp and other products are already happily enjoyed in different segments, from retail to wholesale, and they appear on the menus of various top restaurants.

JanisFarm aims to market naturally grown products that meet the most stringent requirements in respect of cultivation, origin, taste and quality. Our berries are native to forest regions and wetlands in the Baltic countries, giving them a unique flavour. Moreover, they are 100% organic!

We aim to have these areas recognized as “organic areas”, thus allowing us to also label as organic our products that are currently not yet approved. In addition, we work hard for drinks made from 100% naturally harvested berries, mineral water without additives and only natural sugars!

All our products are HACCP, GAP, ISO, HALAL and/or otherwise certified, depending on product type.

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